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Kiva Management provides superior management of homeowners associations throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area.

About Kiva Management

We are a local company that specializes in one-on-one customer service. You won’t get endless phone trees or runarounds when you call us. Instead, you’ll reach your personal Community Manager on their cell phone via voice or text. Response times are very quick if not immediate, but more than that your Community Manager cares about you and your community.

At Kiva, our Community Managers are not only well-versed in community association management (all of our Community Managers carry the CMCA, Certified Manager of Community Associations, designation) but they also have extensive experience in the real estate industry. How a Community Manager services their clients at the time of a sale can make a large impact on the value of a property. Kiva Managers work with Realtors, buyers, and sellers to distribute quality information in a timely manner and answer any questions that might be pertinent to the potential buyer.

Bottom line, Kiva Management does whatever it can to make life better for the owners in the associations it manages.

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Board Management

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One of the most important things we do at Kiva Management is supply strong support for the members of the HOA Board. We know that you have other jobs, other interests, and so many things that you’d rather be spending your time doing than dealing with HOA issues. Your Kiva Manager will minimize the time you have to be working on HOA issues by dealing with vendors and homeowners directly and carrying out the directives of the board in an effective and even-handed manner without having to constantly go back to the board for direction.

At the same time, all of our actions will be communicated to the board members, and the HOA owners at large if so desired, in a timely and effective fashion. Kiva Management seeks to better support board members so that more homeowners want to serve in this capacity rather than it being a position everyone avoids because of overwork and stress.

Vendor Oversight

Vendor selection and oversight is one of the key duties of and HOA Manager. Kiva Management does not accept kick-backs, discounts, free service, or any other type of incentive to select any vendor. Never has and never will.

We feel that this is an area where other Community Association Managers perform very poorly, because they can’t truly open up their vendor selection process to the market. Being in the pocket of certain vendors pushes up the price and pushes down the quality.

Financial / Audit Management

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Kiva operates under two core beliefs when it comes to a homeowners association's financials, and those are transparency and communication. We create an online portal where all financial transactions, escrow balances, billings, and accounts receivable/payable can be viewed by the board at any time.

Moreover, we offer daily, weekly, and monthly reporting on any vendor or escrow account. Kiva Management coordinates with a board approved/chosen CPA to prepare a yearly audit or review of all financials.

Responsive Customer Service

Twin Cities HOA Management

Have you been through several Community Managers over the last few years? It is because pay is low and the workload is high at most association management companies. Kiva Management does not work this way.

Our managers are fairly compensated and not over-stretched, so they can give you one-on-one service. At Kiva you will receive quick, if not immediate, response from your manager and a consistent presence from year to year.

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